Thursday, July 15, 2010

Applications of computer

Today a lot of computer at least available in the market . a lot of us today may have seen computers or have at least seen pictures ans articles on them in a number of flelds like as office , schools, colleges , bussiness, liabilary, hotel ,traffic control, airport , railway , banks , hospitals etc the list can be endless. we all know that computers are penetrating almost every aspect of our lives , to help us solve problems ans arrive at solutions very quickly ans easily. the versatile use of compurer in so many flields is an fact an outcome of its special capablities . a board classifications its uses in varied flields are . it may soon become a reality with wide is the movies that computer play a larger than life and hence must be seen more as a fantasy than fact.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Advantage & disadvantage of computer

it gives performs is 100% accurate and it is reliable that any other devices .and human beings . it is much faster than human being . computer can be very useful in doing repeated works which man can not do. impossible things can be done by using computer . it is a versatile as it can do many types of jobs once at a time . it can be used in different flelds.

Computer is a expensive and poor people cannot afford but day by day it is a becomming cheaper . it is totally depends on electricity and if there is no electricity computer cannot do anything .there is chance of leakage of information because of dishonest people and hence it has less security.

limitation of computer

Computer can do every thing in a better but it has some drawbacks . Our expectations are immense from the computer but some of the expectations and benifits that are expected from computers have not being fulfilled. computer does not have intellengence of its own . it does every thing with the help of programs the simple of the simplest tasks.
if any error or problem occurs in it struture or circutry , then the output given by it will be wrong which is very hard to tackle. it cannot distinguish between the good ans bad inputs and output in comparing to man . so, it is idolt servant or machine . computputer does not have intellence of its own. it is a dull machine .

Capablilities of computers

Computers performs computation in unmatched speed that too with 100% accuracy . it can do the job repeatedly without getting bored which has relived us from doing dose not get tired at all.

Computers is due to provide us information that we can use it in decision making . it sloved our problems of audio , visual problem by use of multimedia .it used as entertainment medium as well as educational tools. it does not take up caste , religion , sex , race etc . it offers services in medicine

Classification based on size of computer

Nowadays computers are available in different sizes ans with diffrent capabilities . on the basis of capacity of speed processing information computers are classified into:

1)super computer

2)mainframe computer

3)mini computer

4)micro computer

super computer :

They are most powerful ans expensive computers. they have externally large storage capacities and processing speed is at least 10 times faster than other computers.some of the super computers are NEC , CRAY ,CYBER 205,CDC STAR 100 etc.

mainframe computer:

they are midium or large machine ,made of several units connected together . it's generally used in big organizations.

mini computer:

they are like small mainframes. they consist of a few seperate units connected together . they are not powerful as mainframe computers.

micro computer:

they are the smallest general purpose computers. they are about the same size an of a typewriter machine . they are used in diffrent applications like business, engeneering , schools, colleges , entertainment etc.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Types of computers

Computers are mainly three types:

1)digital computer
2)analog computer
3)hybrid computer

digital computer:

It work upon discountinuous data . they convert the data into digits and all operations are carried out on these digits at externlly fast rates . a digital computer bassically knows how to count the digits and add the digits .

analog computer:

It measure , representing numbers by physical ,magnitudes such ad voltage, temperture, current and pressure.

hybrid computer:

A hybrid computer combination of both analog and digital computers . it can performs both digital and analog computer.

Generation of computer

The history of computer development is often referred to in reference to the diffrent generation of computing device . each generation of computer is characterized by a major technogy development that fundamently changed the way computers operate , resulting in incresing smaller , cheaper more powerful and more efficent and relible about each generation and the more powerful and development every country .the generations of computers are:

1st generation of computer(1940-1956)

2nd generation of computer(1956-1968)

3rd generation of computer(1968-1971)

4th generation of computer(1971-present)

5th generation of computer(present)

characteristics of computer

Computers are not merely a calculate but are programmable calculation which help to reduce on human memory and burden of mechanical processing . all computers have many comman characterics .

word size or length refers to the number of the CPU can manipulate at one time . it is based on the size of the registers in the CPU and the number of data lines in the data bus . in other words , it is the native unit of storage on a particular machine .

Computers can do calculation at a very fast rate . it can even perfom very complex calculation that human beings may not be able to do . the speed of computer measured in terms of fraction of second. A computers system can store a great amount of information in it . any data or information stored in its memory can be retrived any time and at lighting speed.

A compouter is a versatile machine . compputer has the ability to communicate with others systems and adopt several modes like audio , visual , graphics ,user - friendly .

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

history of computers

the history of computers starts out about 2000 years ago . at the birth of abacus , a wooden rack holding two horizantal wires beads strung on them .when these beads are moved around according to programing rules memorized by the user , all regular arithmetic problems can be done.
The evalution of computer has passed through a number of stages before it reached it's present state . there is an old saying nessetly is the mother of invention . it is ture in the case of the development of modern computers . the early mathmaticians , engineers and scientists had no idea and no imagination of a powerful computer . it is intresting to know how over the years the computers , as they appear today , have developed starting out as a simple calculating device.+

Introduction of computer

computer have almost changed the world. computers have become very essential tools in most walks of life. In almost all flelds in many countries today -rely on computers. computers are used in schools and homes. science . technology and space research all depend on them. with the advent of computer a new wave of accuracy and efficiency has breezed softly in all spheres of life. industrial advancement,education ,commrece and business , medicine ,tourision , etc., are the core areas where the comp[uters are getting utilized . today man can communicate from one part of the world to other part easily , which is example of the advancement of computer science. within a minute , man can communicate through telephone, telex,fax,email etc.compouter is an electronic machine that can accept data process it according to aset of predifined instructions and then gives the results.