Friday, July 9, 2010

Classification based on size of computer

Nowadays computers are available in different sizes ans with diffrent capabilities . on the basis of capacity of speed processing information computers are classified into:

1)super computer

2)mainframe computer

3)mini computer

4)micro computer

super computer :

They are most powerful ans expensive computers. they have externally large storage capacities and processing speed is at least 10 times faster than other computers.some of the super computers are NEC , CRAY ,CYBER 205,CDC STAR 100 etc.

mainframe computer:

they are midium or large machine ,made of several units connected together . it's generally used in big organizations.

mini computer:

they are like small mainframes. they consist of a few seperate units connected together . they are not powerful as mainframe computers.

micro computer:

they are the smallest general purpose computers. they are about the same size an of a typewriter machine . they are used in diffrent applications like business, engeneering , schools, colleges , entertainment etc.


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